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100025 - Netgear EN524
Condition: Refurbished . Warranty:30 days .

Netgear EN524 Sixteen Port Hub 10BASE-T bnc / aui

Netgear EN524 BNC

24 Port Hub 10Mbps  

Hub Image

Hub Information

These 10BASE-T hubs deliver standards-based, plug-and-play networking solutions for small businesses, home offices, and low-density workgroups. They connect 16 or 24 PCs to share printers, files, and access to the Internet; exchange E-mails; chat; and play interactive network games. Combining a user-friendly design with a lifetime warranty and 24-hour phone support, these units provide an exceptional value.

Hub Specifications

  • Network Ports:
    24 vista 10BASE-T ports (RJ-45), 1 AUI port (DB-15), 1 BNC port (RG 58)
  • Weight: 2.8 kg (5 lbs)
  • Standards Compliance
    IEEE 802.3i 10BASE-T Ethernet
  • Status LEDs
    UnitPer 10BASE-T port, power, collision link, Rx, partition, AUI port, Rx, partition, BNC port, Rx, partition
  • Dimensions
    W 330 mm (13")
    D 202 mm (8")
    H 43 mm (1.7")
  • AC Voltage
    15W maximum
    Autosensing 100 to 240V, 50/60 Hz
    Localized plug for North America, Japan, UK, Europe, Australia
  • Internal power supply
    No bulky transformer.
  • 24 10BASE-T ports
    Provide effective information exchange, resource sharing, and client/server or peer-to-peer applications solution with simple UTP (unshielded twisted-pair) wiring.
  • Easy plug-and-play installation
    Once powered on, the unit starts to operate with no configuration required. Compact, 13-inch metal case design enables uncluttered desktop, wall, or rack-mount installation.
  • vista network port with built-in LEDs
    These LEDs provide clear and intuitive information on the operation of the individual port.
  • BNC / AUI backbone support
    Link to other networks using thin coaxial cables connected to the BNC port or with external AUI transceivers. In addition, a 10BASE-T uplink port is available to cascade to other hubs using standard UTP cables to connect additional users.
  • Free 24-hour support
    In English, with local language support in selected countries.

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