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Home > Accessories, Batteries, Cables, Etc. > SCSI Cables, Converters, Terminators > Internal Ultra320 68 Pin 7 Device Ribbon Cable

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100797 - Internal Ultra320 68 Pin 7 Device Ribbon Cable
Condition: New- Bulk Pack . Warranty:90 days . $62.00

7 Device Ribbon Cable

7 Device SCSI cable

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7 Device Cable (9 68-Pin Male Connections; 1 Controller; 1 termination spot; 7 Devices) 48 inches Long; 16 inches between controller and first device; then 5 inches between each device connection

Internal Ultra320 68 Pin SCSI Ribbon Cables
-TPO Twisted Pair 320Mb/Sec, 160Mb/Sec, & 80Mb/Sec
-High Quality Amphenol Spectra-Strip 30AWG

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