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100801 - DVI-I Female Analog (24+5) to VGA Male (15-pin)
Condition: New . Warranty:90 days .

DVI-I Female Analog(24+5) to VGA Male(15-pin) Connector Adapter

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The DVI-I Female to VGA Male converts a DVI-I cable connector into a VGA connector. This also lets you use a DVI-I display (TV, CRT monitor, LCD monitor) with your VGA-only computer.

Note:In order to keep signal compatibility, only connect items with DVI-I or VGA connectors to the adapter. DVI-I connectors have the 4 additional pins on the side of the DVI connector next to the flat pin, as shown in the left hand side of the DVI picture.


Convert your PC's VGA output signal into a DVI-I LCD flat panel display today with this DVI-F to VGA-M adapter
This adapter converts VGA analog video card to a DVI-I receptacle
Also allows to convert a DVI-I cable connector into a VGA cable connector
Performance-High Speed Digital Data Transmission delivers the signal faster and stronger

Package includes:

1 DVI-I Female to VGA Male converter adapter

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