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101214 - Interloper RM 565 300w
Condition: New- Retail Box . Warranty:90 days . $453.00

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Rack mount server computer chassis / enclosure / case RM-565A 4U</TITLE> <META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> <META content="MSHTML 6.00.2800.1400" name=GENERATOR> <META content="rackmounts, chassis, enclosures, metal chassis, case, 4U, racks, mounts, &#10;&#10;rack mount chassis, rack mount enclosures, rack mount cases, industrial, computer, chasis, server chassis, server cases, server enclosures, &#10;&#10;AT, cooling fan filter, cooling fans, drive bays, hold down clamp, 4U rack mount chassis, 4U rack mount enclosures, lockable access door, security door" name=KEYWORDS> <META content="Rack mount chassis accepts AT motherboards. 1 cooling fan, 5 drive bays, an adjustable &#10;&#10;hold down clamp, a lockable access door, and a washable cooling fan filter. 4U size space on the rack frame required." name=DESCRIPTION> <META content="90 days" name=REVISIT-AFTER> <META content=ALL name=ROBOTS> <META content=GLOBAL name=DISTRIBUTION></HEAD> <BODY bgColor=#ffffff><A href="https://www.baber.com/pc/"></NOSCRIPT></A><!-- to here --> <P align="center"><B><FONT face="Verdana" color=#660066 size="6">&nbsp;19" Rackmount AT PC Chassis 4U</FONT></B></P> <P align="center"><b><font face="Verdana" color="#660066" size="6">RM-565A</font><FONT face="Times New Roman" color=#660066><BR>&nbsp;</FONT></b></P> <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 width="100%" border=0> <TBODY> <TR> <TD vAlign=center align=middle width=377> <P align=center><FONT face="Times New Roman"><BR></FONT></P> <table border="1" width="89%" id="table1"> <tr> <td align="center"> <p align="center"><FONT face="Times New Roman"> <IMG alt="4U Rack mountable server case (open)" src="https://www.baber.com/baber/gifs/casegifs/RM_565_front_open.jpg"></FONT></td> </tr> <tr> <td align="center"> <p align="center"> <img border="0" src="https://www.baber.com/baber/gifs/casegifs/rm_565_front_closed.jpg" alt="4U Rack mountable server case (closed)"></td> </tr> </table> <P align=center>&nbsp;</P></TD> <TD vAlign=top width=366><FONT face="Times New Roman"><B>Features:</B> </FONT> <UL> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Metal shock-resistant spring cushions </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Industrial Standard 19" 4U metal chassis </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">PC mainboard or Industrial Standard 14-slot backplane PC board compatibility </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Five Bay </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Two 5.25" half-height and three 3.5" low-profile drive capacity (2 + 1 exposed) </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">One 12 x 12cm. cooling fan located in front </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Removable/washable cooling fan filter </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Lockable access door </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Adjustable hold-down clamp </FONT></LI></UL></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> <TABLE cellSpacing=5 cellPadding=2 width="100%" border=0> <TBODY> <TR> <TD vAlign=top width="11%"><FONT face="Times New Roman"><B>Specifications:</B></FONT> <UL> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Drive Bays: 2 x 5.25" open<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;1 x 3.5" open<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;2 x 3.5" hidden </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Power and reset switches </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">LED's for Power, and HDD </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Air-flow volume: 2.4 CBM/min. </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Operation temperature range: 0 ~ 55 C </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Power supply (All UL/CSA/TUV certified):<BR>AT Power - 300/400w</FONT><LI> <FONT face="Times New Roman">Dimensions: 19" x 17.7" x 7.0" (W x D x H) </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Gross shipping weight: 35 lbs. (w/o power supply) </FONT></LI></UL> <P><FONT face="Times New Roman"></FONT>&nbsp;</P></TD> <TD vAlign=top width="10%"><FONT face="Times New Roman"><B>Options:</B></FONT> <UL> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Black exterior </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Front keyboard connector </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Single-board computer card(s) </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">14-slot industrial passive backplane boards </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Sensor board/Alarm for fan and temperature </FONT> <LI><FONT face="Times New Roman">Sliding rails </FONT></LI></UL></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> </BODY></HTML>

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