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103343 - Gateway B9670TGC
Condition: New- Bulk Pack . Warranty:90 days . $19.00

RTC Battery Gateway Colorbook CMOS Battery

Gateway Colorbook CMOS Battery

May Require Technician To Install---This is a 1 cell lithium battery (ER17330V) designed to work in Gateway ColorBook 486DX/33, 486DX/35, 486SX/25, 486SX/33, DX2/50, DX33, DX4/75 series laptop and notebook computers. Low self discharge rate gives this cell a 10 year shelf life. Extremely stable voltage and broad operating temperature range (-60 C to +85 C). High energy, high reliability 3.6 volt power source is an excellent choice for memory backup applications.

  • Lithium
  • 3.6 volts
  • 1700 mAh
  • Black
  • 0.68" dia. x 1.38" tall
  • Wire Leads Connector

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