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103422 - 1U AGP 8x Riser Card
Condition: New- Bulk Pack . Warranty:90 days . $42.00

1U Riser AGP Right Angle Extender

1U Riser AGP Right Angle Extender

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1U AGP 8x right angle extender. The connector is mounted on the component side (B side) of the extender. When the user's board is inserted into the connector, it will be parallel to the motherboard with component side face down. Dimensions: 3.75" L x 1.15" H. Connector center height: 0.95". The AGPTX4-6 is available with connector on B side only.

MB PCI/AGP Slot positions:

Position A: normally it's AGP, 6.4" away from the Keyboard connector edge.

Position B: normally it's 1st PCI, 7.2" away from the Keyboard connector edge.

Position C: normally it's 2nd PCI slot.

Position D: normally it's 3rd PCI slot.

Motherboard diagram for Riser Cards. PCI / agp Ribbon Riser Cards. 1u riser card, 2u riser card, 4u riser card, 1u agp riser card

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