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Home > Accessories, Batteries, Cables, Etc. > Riser Cards > 2U PCI Ribbon Riser Cable

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103469 - 2U PCI Ribbon Riser Cable
Condition: New . Warranty:90 days . $89.00

8" long 32bit pci ribbon riser cable - 8 inch pci cable, flexible pci riser cable

8" long 32bit PCI Ribbon Riser Cable

8 inch ribbon cable, 8 inch ribbon cable, riser cable, 32bit pci cable

8" long 32bit PCI Ribbon Riser Flexible Cable.

  • This riser card / cable is for a PCI 32 bit, 5 volt motherboard as most PCI 32 bit motherboards are 5 volts. If you need the card to be a 3.3 volt version, then you can specify for us to build one in the 3.3 volt version.   The cost is the same.
  • We do not guarantee or warrant this riser card / cable as it is longer then 5". PCI signals have a tendency to fail and hang the system when they have to travel further then five inches. We will build the board with an 8" cable but we cannot take it back if you experience problems with it. So no refunds or exchanges. We have many customers who use this riser card / cable without a problem but if for some reason it does not work for you, please be advised that you cannot return it.

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