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103703 - 3COM 3CXM556
Condition: Refurbished . Warranty:30 days .

3COM Model # 3CXM556 PC Card modem PCMCIA with XJack technology...

3COM Model # 3CXM556 PC Card modem

Original Modem

3com 3cxm556 original laptop modem

3Com Megahertz 56K* Cellular Modem PC Cards for notebook PCs and Apple PowerBooks feature the V.90 56K standard, flash DSP, Intelligent Auto Install, and Guaranteed Compatibility. Direct-Connect Cellular allows you to connect easily with selected cellular phones or standard phone lines. This advanced modem offers Exclusive Line Probing for improved modem throughput and reliability, and is available with XJACK connector for easy phone connections without cable-carrying hassles.

Features & Benefits
56 Kbps* data/14.4 Kbps fax
Enjoy high-speed downloads up to 56 Kbps* with the V.90 56K standard, universal compatibility with V.90, x2 technology, V.34, and other industry standards.
XJACK Connector
Durable connector delivers easy phone connections and saves you from cable-carrying hassles.
Direct Connect Cellular
Easily connect cellular models directly to more AMPS cellular phones than any other brand of PC Card with a separately sold cellular cable.
Intelligent Auto Install
Easy, doubt-free installation in a matter of minutes.
Digital Line Guard
Alerts you if connecting to potentially damaging digital or PBX phone lines.
Hot Swapping
Switch PC Cards without rebooting or exiting Windows.
Cross Platform
3CXM556 is compatible with notebook PCs and Apple PowerBooks.
Flash DSP/Flash ROM
Update virtually any function of your modem using simple software downloads.
Guaranteed Compatibility
Guaranteed compatible with all portable computers that comply with The PC Card Standard.
Data/Fax Software
Fax directly from any Windows or Windows 95 application and transfer data files at the click of a button.
Maximized for Windows
Windows-design delivers optimized performance for users standardizing on Windows 95 or 98 operating systems.
V.90 Exclusive Line Probing
Sorts through the toughest line conditions to get you connected and keep you that way.

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