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103729 - Power Splitter A
Condition: New . Warranty:90 days . $4.00

Power splitter A: One 5.25 inch to 2 3.5 inch power converter

Power Splitter A

power splitter, y cable,one 4 pin molex to 2 x 4 pin 3.5" connectors,

Converts one 4 pin 5.25" Molex connector to 2 x 4 pin connectors for 3.5" devices

When you've run out of 3.5" drive power supply cables, you will need to convert from a 5.25" power supply cable. This 4-pin male 5.25" to two 4-pin female 3.5" converter is useful for connecting a 5.25" power supply cable to two 3.5" drives (i.e. Hard Drives,).

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