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Home > Networks and Communications > US Robotics 5686D External Serial Data/Fax V.90 Modem

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105820 - US Robotics 5686D External Serial Data/Fax V.90 Modem
Condition: Refurbished . Warranty:90 days .

External Modem ~ US Robotics External Fax Modem w/o Voice

US Robotics External Modem V.92 56K 5686D

Modem Image

Modem Information

USR External 56K Fax Modem 5686d

The U.S. Robotics 56K Faxmodem offers all the features and functionality you've come to trust - fast and reliable connections, quality, and durability. The Installation Essentials CD makes setup a snap, and the U.S. Robotics Connections CD adds a comprehensive selection of great software to help you explore the best features of your modem and of the Internet.   Today's Internet offers more products, information, entertainment and services than ever before. Now the U.S. Robotics 56K Faxmodem offers choices and flexibility to make the most of your Internet experience.

Features & Performance

  • Upstream allows the modem's upstream communication to reach speeds up to 48 Kbps. You choose whether to maintain the fastest possible downstream speed (up to 53K) or whether to "balance" your connection.
  • Advanced line probing technology delivers higher modem throughput and more reliable connections.
  • Controller-based for superior performance. Powerful communication processing functions are built into the modem itself..
  • Modem on Hold makes the most of Call Waiting, Caller ID, and Voice Mail services from your phone company. The modem software will alert you to incoming calls while you are online, and tell you who is calling. If you take the call, the modem "suspends" your online session during your conversation, and lets you resume it afterwards without redialing. If you ignore the call, it will be routed to your voice mail.
  • INTERFACE - External with RS-232 Serial port.
  • DATA SPEEDS- 300 to 56,000bps receive/48,000 send with auto-negotiation of V.90 or V.92 300 to 48,000bps full-duplex.
  • MODEM- V.92 56K ITU standard, V.90 56K ITU standard, V.34 33.6 Kbps ITU standard. Compatible with ITU and Bell standards from 56 Kbps to 1200 bps.
  • O/S SUPPORT- Modem is compatible with Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000/98/95, Windows 3.1, and DOS.
  • SOFTWARE- USR Connections CD that includes BVRP Phonetools fax and data communications software for Windows NT 4.0/2000/98/95.
  • QUICK CONNECT reduces the time it takes to make a connection to your service provider. By "remembering" the line conditions from the previous connection, the modem can bypass portions of its training sequence.   The modem is Internet phone ready, ensuring that your technology needs are met, today and tomorrow.

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