Half Size SBC Pentium III

Half Size SBC Pentium III

107562 - Half-sized socket 370 SBC with VGA/Panel display on-board.
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107562 - ROBO-605 Half Size SBC Pentium III
Half-sized socket 370 SBC with VGA/Panel display on-board.

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Intel ULV Pentium III or Celeron Processor Half-sized ISA SBC w/ PCI VGA/Panel

  • Celeron (PPGA & FC-PGA)/Pentium III processor based half-size SBC, supported by its R2M0E6 version only

  • Support 256MB SDRAM

  • Intel 82440 BX chipset

  • On-board 69000 VGA

  • Support Socket 370 processors with PCI VGA/panel display

  • Intel ® 440BX AGPset supports 66/100MHz PSB

  • Support up to 256MB (max.) of 3.3V SDRAM with ECC function

  • Support M-Systems' flash disk up to 288MB

  • Support C&T 69000 PCI VGA display with optional panel solution

  • Support system processor overheat protection and real hardware Y2K compliant RTC

  • ISA64 high driving capability and CPU overheat protection



            Support Intel ® Celeron ® processors up to 533MHz


System Memory:

            One 168-pin DIMM socket supports up to 256MB of SDRAM with ECC function


System Chipset:

            Intel ® 82440BX AGPset with MMX technology and optimized SDRAM


Watchdog Timer:

            Eight segment (0.5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 seconds) hardware time-out intervals.



  • Intel C&T 69000 high performance flat panel/CRT HiQVideo accelerator
  • 2MB integrated memory
  • Support TFT/DSTN flat panel or CRT display simultaneously

On Board I/O:

  • On-board Winbond W83977ATF super I/O
  • Two USB ports
  • Two USB ports

DiskOnChip Flash Disk:

              Support M-Systems' flash memory disk up to 288Mb


ISA64 ISA-bus Driving Capability:

              Support 64mA high driving capability for ISA-bus slot on backplane


Border Dimension:

              Auto speeds down when CPU overheats (OS independent & driverless)


Operating Temp.:

              0 to 55C (CPU needs cooler)

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