Bretford Notebook Storage Cart-18 UL Listed-LAP18EULBA-GM Ships Fully Assembled

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Notebook Storage Cart-18 LAP18EULBA-GM

Notebook Storage Cart-18

UL Listed


Notebook Storage Cart-18

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Automatic Timer-LAPTMR (Optional Equip)

Automatic Timer-LAPTMR

The Notebook Computer Cart is ideal for securing and charging notebooks. A Three-Point locking system on doors along with a 40mm re-programmable combination padlock provides maximum theft prevention. It also comes with an Integrated Security Point (ISP) welded to it, allowing for the use of an additional security system. Additional  system Notebook Cart features a sturdy metal construction lightweight  enough for one person to move the cart between rooms. Notebook Storage Carts provide the convenience of a mobile computer classroom. Notebook Computers can be easily moved between rooms and shared among students. Or, use the unit as a central storage of location for notebooks. Cords are easily managed with individual cord holders for each notebook and a grommet hole at the back of the unit.

This unit ships completely welded, ready to use right out of the box! This Notebook Storage Cart stores and charges up to 18 notebook computers in individual compartments and provides room on the top shelf for a work surface or for use with printers or wireless devices. It includes two UL-Listed, 9-outlet electrical units which can be installed inside the front or rear of the cart, specify location by model number. Electrical units have on/off switches. This Notebook Cart also comes with a three-outlet electrical unit attached to the back for powering additional equipment. Top shelf comes with a non-slip rubber mat and features two grommet holes at the back for cord management and access to electrical units. Doors, rear and side panels are perforated to allow the ventilation of equipment when charging. UL-listed cart comes with 5" casters (only), two of the cart's casters are fixed and the other two swivel and lock.

UL Listed carts include an Automatic Timer which fits inside the back of the cart and is accessible by cut outs in the lower back of the cart and shorter electrical unit cords. The Automatic Timer allows both charging units to be plugged into the timer. The timer switches the electrical current from one charging unit to the other, therefore charging all of the notebooks from one circuit (one outlet). The Timer requires a four-hour charging period per electrical unit - 8 hour charging time for all laptops.

UL Listed carts have been assembled and tested to comply with UL listed standards. When a device is approved for the UL-Listed mark, it is considered to be a complete device for the application in which it has been evaluated. A product is evaluated for safety to insure it does not endanger the safety of persons, domestic animals, or property as long as it is properly installed, maintained and used in the application for which it was designed. The product has been found to be free from reasonably foreseeable risk of fire, electric shock and related hazards and was manufactured under UL's Follow-Up Services program.

**UL states that the maximum amount of notebooks that can be charged at the same time from one circuit is 15, less than one amp per laptop. That is why the LAP18, LAP24 and LAP30 require two charging units. UL recommends that each electrical unit be plugged into a separate electrical circuit when charging at no more than a consistent 13 amp usage to prevent nuisance tripping of the electrical breaker.**

  • Accommodating: Each laptop cart can be ordered fully assembled or knocked down depending on the model
  • Design: Top shelf comes with a non-slip rubber mat and features a grommet hole at the back for cord management and access to electrical units.
  • Strength: Constructed from 20 and 18 gauge steel for maximum strength.
  • Secure: Multiple-point bolting doors and re-programmable padlock deters theft and helps ensures the security of equipment.
  • Mobile: Each laptop cart comes with casters, two lock, making transporting easy and safe.

UL Listed:


  • UL Listed cart ships fully assembled with 5" casters, an Automatic Timer and electrical units installed in the back.
  • Overall Dimensions: 36-1/2" W x 24" D x 43-15/16" H
  • Compartments: 14-11/16" W x 17" D x 3" H
  • Maximum Power: 30 amps/120 v
  • Weight: 232 lbs
  • Cart Ships Fully Assembled
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