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108866 - CharisMac Engineering CD AutoCache CD-ROM Acceleration
Condition: New- Retail Box . Warranty:No warranty - Sold as-is .

CD AutoCache by CharisMac Engineering

CD AutoCache by CharisMac Engineering


CD AutoCache offers you a simple and quick solution to push your CD-ROM drive to its maximum potential, increasing the performance of even the fastest drives on the market. CD AutoCache supports virtually all CD-ROM drives and formats including Kodak's Photo CD.

CD AutoCache monitors how your computer requests and uses data from CD-ROM discs. Through a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm, it automatically adjusts total cache and page sizes on the fly, keeping your CD-ROM drive running at its optimal performance level regardless of how a CD was mastered.


  • Replaces your CD-ROM drive's original driver software with universal, high performance software
  • AutoCache option monitors how your computer requests data from the CD-ROM and adjusts total cache and cache page sizes automatically
  • Directory caching option copies the CD directory to RAM providing a road map to data on the CD-ROM, slicing search times to a minimum
  • Data Caching intelligently pre-fetches data from the CD-ROM drive to RAM before the computer actually requests it, allowing for faster data throughput
  • Manual option lets you manually adjust total cache size and cache page sizes, or choose from auto setup buttons for Photo CD, Macromind, Finder, Quicktime and Database operations, as well as buttons from your favorite CDs and CD-ROM manufacturers
  • CD AutoCache is compatible with all of the popular CD-ROM standards, including: Kodak's Photo CD, Multi-session discs, Foreign File, High Sierra, HFS, ISO 9660, ProDos, Digital Audio CD, Multi-platter devices, Apple's Multimedia
  • Supports virtually all CD-ROM drives including the Apple internal CD-ROM drive
  • Accelerates all CD-ROM drives, from single speed to the faster multi-speed devices
  • AutoCache's one-step auto-installer eliminates problems frequently associated with the installation process
  • Ability to toggle any cache option on or off
  • Full support of multiple-disc CD-ROM changers and towers
  • Capture digital audio to disc for more professional Quicktime movie editing
  • Works with system 6.0 or higher, including system 8.x, on all Macintosh Plus and higher models, including PCI-based Power Macs and third party SCSI accelerator cards
  • Site licenses available for large organizations
  • Package includes retail boxed software


SCSI Manager 4.3
Power PC


2 mb available RAM
Mac Plus or greater

Customers cannot return opened software.

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