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110651 - Interloper SC7
Condition: Refurbished . Warranty:90 days .

Computer with 6 isa slots. Interloper SC7 - PC system with six isa slots....

Interloper SC7

Computer System with 6 ISA slots

Interloper SC7, computer with 6 isa slots, PC system with six ISA slots,

  • Mid Tower case with power supply
  • Motherboard with 6 ISA slots and 2 PCI slots
  • Intel Pentium 233MHz CPU
  • 128MB SDRAM memory upgradeable to 512MB
  • 6GB hard drive. Most low end applications don't require a bigger drive. However; if you need a bigger driver, just let us know.
  • Floppy drive
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Standard Audio and video
  • Compatible with DOS, Windows 95/98,
  • No operating system. If you want us to install one for you, let us know and we can quote you.


  • The picture is for representation only. We may use a different case and/or motherboard based upon availability but functionally you will get a computer system as described and with 6 ISA slots. If your requirements are different, contact us and we can configure a different system for you.
  • Since the technology used in such systems is older, some of the parts in this configuration may be used or refurbished. The motherboard is brand new though.
  • Our warranty will cover all parts, new, used or refurbished.

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