Interloper, Inc.

Dallas, Texas, USA

Incorporated in 2004, our focus has been on industrial computers, specialty computers, parts and kits. If your needs cannot be met by an off the shelf computer, then we may be the type of company that can help you. We can customize a computer that meets your requirements, whether it is a super de duper rackmount with redundant power supplies or a legacy computer with legacy ISA slots, we can handle it just fine.

Another area of strength for us is hard to find legacy parts like motherboards with ISA slots, IDE and SCSI hard drives, multi bay drive enclosures and removable trays.

Our motherboard search engine / configurator is very popular with our customers.

We also have a consulting / outsourcing unit - if you need help with programming, system administration, graphics design, SEO and data entry, contact us. We can certainly help you and save you money in the process.

Thank You for visiting. Looking forward to doing business with you.

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