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103468 - 2U PCI/AGP Riser Card
Condition: New . Warranty:90 days .

2U riser 3 in 1 right angle extender

2U Riser 3 in 1 Right Angle Extender

32bit PCI/8x AGP/32bit PCI

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This is a 32bit PCI/8X AGP/32bit PCI, 3 in 1 right angle riser. It plugs into a PCI-32 slot. This riser is designed for chassis with horizontal cutouts that line up with the 1st PCI slot on the motherboard and the AGP is in position A (see diagram below). The overall dimension of the main board assembly is 2.95"H x 7.00"W. The middle AGP connector connects to the AGP slot on the Motherboard via an AGP riser in the back. The top PCI connector connects to the bottom PCI connector. Some dedicated signals that are needed for the top connector, are borrowed from a small paddle board that is plugged into a nearby motherboard PCI slot.

The bottom connector connects directly to the goldfinger. All connectors are mounted on the B side of the riser card. It is populated with 2 PCI-32 bit connectors, and an AGP 1.5V(4X) connector. The PCI gold finger is cut for universal, and the AGP goldfinger is cut for 1.5V. The top PCI connector is located at 2.521", the center AGP connector is located at 1.721", and the bottom PCI connector is located at 0.921" from the bottom of the riser.

MB PCI/AGP Slot positions:

Position A: normally it's AGP, 6.4" away from the Keyboard connector edge.

Position B: normally it's 1st PCI, 7.2" away from the Keyboard connector edge.

Position C: normally it's 2nd PCI slot.

Position D: normally it's 3rd PCI slot.

Motherboard diagram for Riser Cards. PCI / agp Ribbon Riser Cards. 1u riser card, 2u riser card, 4u riser card, 1u agp riser card

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