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103674 - Socket A / Socket 370 cooler
Condition: Refurbished . Warranty:30 days . $3.45

Basic Heatsink & Fan Cooler for Socket 370 and Socket A (462)

Mixed Brands

Extend the life of your Socket 462 / Socket 370 processor by keeping it cool with a good heat sink and fan! These heatsink and fan supports Socket 370 Intel Pentium III and Celeron, Socket A AMD Athlon and Duron processors.

3 pin power connector.

Mixed brands.

Used but working and in good condition.

basic socket 370 cooler, cpu fan, heatsink and fan for socket a duron and athlon processors, pentium iii,

These are sample pictures. What you get may not look like these but will be a socket 370 / socket A heatsink and fan cooler.

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