Power Splitter Y cable 6" inches cable

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Brand : Interloper
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Power Splitter Y

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Convert One to Two 5.25" Connections


Power Splitter Y:
Converts one standard 4 Pin 5.25" Molex Power plug to two 4 Pin 5.25" Molex   plugs. Length 6". Also serves as an extender.


  • A very   useful tool for those looking to plug additional Drives (hard drives, CDRW,   DVD, Zip, Floppy, etc.) or Devices (video cards, fans, etc.) that require   extra power connections.
  • Fits   Standard AT and ATX power supplies.
  • Perfect for   adding a Hard Drive, CD, or DVD Drive.
  • High performance materials optimize electrical conductivity

Package includes:

1 x 4 Pin Power Supply Splitter / Extension Cable

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