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Home > Storage and I/O Cards > External/Portable Hard Drives > CitiDISK DV- FW1256 - 30GB

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104267 - CitiDISK DV- FW1256 - 30GB
Condition: New- Bulk Pack . Warranty:1 year .

CitiDisk DV - Firewire External Hard Drive


CitiDISK DV - Firewire


CitiDISK DV - Firewire
Quit Video Re-Capturing!

DV Recording

  • Turn on camcorder power and set to set camcorder to "Camera" or "VCR"  
    mode. Press POWER button to turn on CitiDISK DV.
    Connect Firewire cable (4-pin end) to DV camcoder's DV port.
    Connect Firewire cable (6-pin end) to CitiDISK DV.
  • Start DV streams direct recording from camcorder to CitiDISK DV by pressing
    "REC" button. A RED color LED embedded inside the button of CitiDISK  
    DV starts to flash till solid RED indicating video recording is in progress.
  • Stop DV recording by pressing camcorder's "REC" button once more. RED  
    color LED goes off.
  • Video stream (DV format for FW1256) is pre-named and is stored in a  
    pre-formatted FAT32 hard disk.
  • CitiDISK DV embeds a 20GB or 30GB or 40GB or 60GB or 80GB 2.5" laptop  
    hard disk drive with shock-absorption cushion surrounding the hard disk for the maximum hard disk drive protection.

DV Editing

  • Disconnect Firewire cable from camcorder; re-connect it to Firewire port (4-pin  
    or 6-pin type) equipped computer, PC or Mac. CitiDISK DV appears as one  
    external computer hard disk with DV streams inside folders.
  • Start favorite video editor to cut, to paste, to add in special effect and other  
    functions immediately, no more re-capturing. Computer reads in the DV stream as  
    12 Mbytes/sec, four times faster than capturing from camcorder (DV is 3.6 Mbytes/sec). Saves rendered video streams into CitiDISK DV at 12 Mbytes/sec speed, too, four times faster than saving to Firewire tape deck.

CitiDISK DV - Firewire External Hard Drives with DV Recording and DV Editing


External Firewire Hard Disk

  • Use CitiDISK DV just like a regular external Firewire hard disk, while not in recording, for file archive, backup and/or other multimedia functions.
  • CitiDISK DV is fully PLUG-ANG-PLAY specification compliant, no driver needed to load for Windows 98 SE/2000/XP, Mac OS 9.2.x, 10.x and Linux.
  • Relative Humidity : 95% Maximum
  • Storage Temperature : -22 to 65 Centigrade
  • ESD Protection : to 6 Kilo-Voltages
  • Weight : Less than one pound

Quick Erase Button and Utility Programs

  • Single "Quick Erase" button provides instant file system cleaning up and re-claiming full disk storage. Since "Quick Erase" button is hard to reach, user is urged using pencil tip to press and hold the button preventing un-purposely  
    disk erase.
  • Utility programs run on both PC and Mac are also provided.

Internal Rechargeable Battery

  • Embed state-of-art rechargeable Lithium based battery suitable for oen hour and 30 minutes recording.  
    Re-charging power is drawn from Firewire bus power or external power adapter.
  • BLUE LED indicates battery charging is in progress.. Once the battery is fully charged, BLUE LED goes off.


  • Interface : One IEEE1394A port SBP-2, Isochronous video streams
  • Cable : One 6pin-4pin IEEE1394A standard included
  • Sustain Device Transfer Rate : About 12 MBytes/second
  • Power Consumption : Rechargeable battery
  • Operating Temperature : 0 to 55 Centigrade

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