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68 Degree lob wedge - Ultra Lofted Wedge 68 degrees loft - lob wedge with zero bounce - 68 º wedge, 0 º bounce. zero bounce

Professional Open Series 690
Classic Satin Finish

68 º Lob Wedge

Compare features and performance with Cleveland ® Golf wedges at $129 per club.

golf - 68 degree lob wedge, Ultra Lofted Wedge with 0 bounce, zero bounce, set of four matching wedges in lofts of 52, 56, 60 and 64. Satin Color, silver finish

lob wedge, Ultra Lofted wedge, 68 degree lob wedge, zero bounce,

This new Ultra Lofted 68 Degree Lob Wedge with zero bounce features great playability and a classic Satin finish. Looks great and plays like a winner!

  • 68 degree lob wedge with 0 bounce
  • Classic Satin finish - plays great and looks great.
  • Built with high quality stepped steel shaft with a low to mid kick point resulting in a slightly higher ball trajectory.
  • Soft Grips featuring an ultra soft compound that is firm enough to prevent twisting for a great feel in your hands.
  • Compare with the best classic wedge designs such as Cleveland's ® Golf 900 Form Forged Gun Metal Wedges at $129.00 each!
  • Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who are trying to shoot lower scores - especially in the short game.

Improve your golf game!

Renowned instructor and short game guru Dave Pelz recommends four wedges as an ideal way to improve your short game and lower your score. 63% of shots are in the sub-100 yard range. The better your short game, the better your score.

This 68 degree Ultra Lofted Lob Wedge will get you started towards a great short game. Order now and lower your score!

When your ball ends up on ground that is totally denuded of grass, that's where the zero bounce comes handy. With no bounce, the club head has no problem sliding under and scooping the ball up.

Have you ever hit a shot and seen your ball roll down the green. Now you have a steep slope to climb back up and then immediately stop the ball. That's where this club comes handy.

Hitting an approach shot to a small green sloping away from you? The 68 º loft will project the ball high and land it soft to hug the green.

Great for playing reverse spin.

A 68 º lob wedge with 0 bounce makes you a magician with a toy. Just use your imagination and you will invent all kinds of shots.

Item Description Club Loft º Lie º Head
Bounce Hand Shaft
Professional Open Series 690 Satin Ultra Lofted Lob Wedge 68 64 312 gms 0 º RH 33.0" R


  • We can customize the shaft length, shaft type and grips. If you have customization requirements, feel free to contact us.

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