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108865 - CharisMac Engineering Anubis Hard Drive Formatter - v 2.54
Condition: New- Retail Box . Warranty:No warranty - Sold as-is .

Anubis by CharisMac Engineering

Anubis by CharisMac Engineering


Anubis is the fastest, most reliable SCSI utility software available for the Macintosh. Anubis anticipates possible problems and corrects them on the fly, protecting you from disastrous disk crashes and other unanticipated errors that could bring your work to a screeching halt. Anubis gives you total control over all of your SCSI storage devices

The Anubis Mounter provides you with an easy and efficient way to manage all of your removable drives. The Mounter recognizes and acknowledges all removable drives connected to your SCSI bus, and loads a driver when necessary. The Anubis Mounter ensures complete compatibility when using a variety of cartridges on your removable drives


  • Compatible with virtually all SCSI storage devices
  • TurboMO feature dramatically speeds up writes to optical disks by eliminating one pass of the normal three pass write process. Increases optical write speeds by up to 200%
  • PowerControl utility (optional) lets you view, change and optimize SCSI mode page and parameter settings. Includes complete, friendly, on-line help describing each parameter in detail. Great for digital video!
  • Fully supports the Power Mac PCI-based line of computers, IDE, System 7.5 and SCSI Manager 4..
  • Compatible with third-party SCSI, NuBus, and PCI accelerator cards, including support for multiple SCSI busses and multiple LUNs giving you control of over 100 devices at a single SCSI address
  • Offers multi-partitioning and password protection for removable and fixed disk drives
  • Customizes driver for each Macintosh model
  • Alleviates compatibility problems by replacing existing driver software
  • Second-level warning and "bail out" options minimize inadvertent loss of valuable data
  • Drive cache control support
  • Over 40 selectable drive icons installable at any time
  • Site licenses available for large organizations
  • Includes retail packaging and software


SCSI Manager 4.3
Power PC


Mac hard drive
2 mb available RAM
Mac Plus or greater

Customers may not return opened software

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