.177 Cal. Dial-a-Pellet

216098 - Condition: New, Warranty: 90 days
By Daisy Outdoor Products
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To keep an assortment of ammo handy, Daisy's Dial-a-Pellet enables you to access 100 each of their most popular .177 caliber lead pellet designs in one container with a handy see-through lid. Choose flat-nosed pellets for target shooting so the impact is well defined, or select pointed or hollow-point pellets for pest control and small game hunting.


- Three Pellet types
- Twist top container to choose your Pellet
- PrecisionMax Premium .177 cal. Flat-nosed, pointed field, and hollow point design pellet
- Exceptional quality for unmatched accuracy
- A sampler of our most popular pellets, ideal for small game hunting to the target range
- Daisy quality and reliability


- Caliber: .177
- Style: 100 Flat, 100 Pointed, 100 Hollow Point
- Quantity: 300
- Material: Lead
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