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Image  Make/Model  Description  Part #   Price 
  Bullseye Cup The Bullseye Cup acts as a 30% cup reducer. It is a circular device with a 2 inch opening that visually shows where a breaking putt will enter the hole. This brand new product was recently featured on the Golf Channel.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Swing Speed Radar Measure your swing speed with doppler radar. End the guessing game and know exactly how fast you swing with different clubs.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer Measure your swing speed and swing rhythm or tempo with doppler radar. Helps you develop a tempo and speed that best suits you.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Putting Alignment Mirror Putting alignment system - Helps you head to the 1st tee hunting for birdies
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Rail for Putting Plane System Rail for Putting Plane System. For replacement or for switching from square to square system.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

    Webinar Special Periodic specials
Condition: New.   Warranty: 60 days.

  Drills & Games Notebook Includes some of the best drills and games from top teachers and players from around the globe. Have fun and learn at the same time.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 30 days.

  Golf Metronome Consistent Rhythm is the key to consistent scoring. Teach yourself better tempo. Instructional DVD is included.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Balance Rod Standing on the Balance Rod will show you where your weight is located and will tune your body for great balance.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Practice T Mirror Replacement mirror for Practice T
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Practice T with mirror The Practice T will help you build the perfect setup. You will have greater control and consistency with every club. Instructional DVD is included.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Green Reading Level Train your eyes to see the true line and read the slope. Similar to the concept of a construction level, this 360 degree level shows the exact breaks of a green.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Spot On Laser The Spot On Laser slides onto the back of the mirror, and sends a dot exactly at the target of the system. Your eyes adjust quickly to see correct aim.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Putting Laser Line When used with the Putting Plane, the laser line will track perfectly back and through. Rotate the laser toward the target. The laser line will extend from the putter face several feet toward the cup. Learn to make every six-footer.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Putting Mirror Standalone or as a replacement mirror for the putting system.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Professional Rail 12 inches longer than the standard model. This enables you to practice with longer putts and really feel an "On Plane" stroke.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Square to Square Putting System With the Square to Square Putting System you can quickly groove a straight back and through stroke (Dave Pelz Method). With the mirrored surface you can easily check if your eyes are over the ball, shoulders are lined up, and the putter face is square, Its adjustable rails enable you to practice a perfect square to square stroke.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Putting Plane Training System For the first time, you can feel a putting stroke that is "On Plane". It is not a Putting Arc, it is actually "On Plane". With our 72 degree rail and patented mirror system, you can easily check if your eyes are over the ball, shoulders are lined up, and the putter face is square.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  LEADBETTER: GREATEST TIPS Tips and Techniques from renown instructor David Leadbetter. Covers both the long and short game.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  A round of Golf Jokes Favorite joke book of golf professionals, presidents, movie stars and others.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 30 days.

  Precision Woods & Long Iron Shots Knowing how far you can hit the ball with specific woods and long irons is critical if you want to improve your shotmaking and execute. Combine strategy and skill for a powerful long game.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 30 days.

  DAVE PELZ'S PUTTING BIBLE Hardcover. New. The ultimate book on the art of putting by Dave Pelz.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 30 days.

  DAVE PELZ'S SHORT GAME BIBLE and Lower Your Score - by Dave Pelz. "In golf, how to play inside of 100 yards is the prime determinant of how you score..."
Condition: New.   Warranty: 30 days.

  Dual Turf Mat Simulates rough lies and fairway lies.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Optee Ball Dispenser Golf ball dispenser - practice without hurting your back.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

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