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How-To Guides

How to locate the modem in your laptop.

How to change drives on an IBM ThinkPad 760, 765 laptop.

How to install internal IDE devices (CDRW, CD-ROM, DVD, etc.)

Motherboard Manufacturers

Asus http://www.asus.com/
Gigabyte http://www.gigabyte.com
Shuttle http://www.shuttle.com
ECS http://www.ecs.com.tw/
PC Chips http://www.pcchips.com
Atrend http://www.atrend.com.tw/
Amptron http://www.amptron.com
MSI http://www.msi.com.tw/
Tyan http://www.tyan.com
FIC http://www.fica.com/
DFI http://www.dfi.com/
Soyo http://www.soyousa.com
IWill http://www.iwill.net
Abit http://www.abit.com.tw/
BioStar http://www.biostar.com.tw/
SuperMicro http://www.supermicro.com/
Intel http://www.intel.com


Driver Downloads

Jam Cam Drivers CD
STB TV Tuner - Win2K
BEX IDE Drivers (Parallel Port)
Barebone Model Bare 25 Manual
US Robotics 56k Internal Model 0481
Shipping & Warehousing Services
Acer HCF AMI-RA99P 56k PCI Modem
BEx-HD-1USB25 Windows 2000
BEx-HD-1USB35 Windows 98/Me
Ugly Duckling Barebone (Video, Modem, Sound, and INF)
Margi Dell DVD-to-GO Drivers (DELL SYSTEMS ONLY)
Diamond Supra 56k PCMCIA v.90 Modem
Xerox Workcentre 480cx (Windows 3.1, 9x, ME)
3Com 3CXM356 PC Card modem (Windows 9x)
Easy Now Barebone System (Audio/Modem Windows 9x only)
Translucent Blue 24x CD-ROM PCMCIA (NBB-D-24EXT)
3Com 3CP263595A 56k PCI Modem (Windows 2000)
Generic 56k ISA Modem (SF-1156HV)
ultiMobile 33.6k MT3400ZLX PCMCIA Modem
BEx Drive PCMCIA 10x-24x
Is your CD Writer (CDRW) incompatible with Adaptec CD Creator 4.0?
Try updating the software to the latest verison 4.05  Please note that if you are running a verison 4.01 you will need to upgrade to verison 4.02 first then download and install the 4.05 update.
After installing the USB suppliment on the Windows 95 (OSR2) Disk and installing the USB drivers, you receive this message "Windows couldn't find the drivers for the following UHCD.SYS, USBD.SYS, and/or USBHUB.SYS".
Browse for the drivers and select the "system" directory will is usally installed on "C:\windows\system".  The system should be able to locate these files in this directory a continue installing the device.
I'm trying to locate BIOS updates and/or manuals for my motherboard.
The manufacturer will always have the latest new information and downloads for their products.  Usally the company's website will contain this information.

What is the difference between Passive and Active SCSI Termination?
Terminators are placed at both physical ends of the SCSI bus.  Both physical ends of a SCSI bus must be terminated in the same manner to prevent damage to both the SCSI controller and the attached devices.
Active Termination:   Uses a voltage regulator to control the impedance at the ends of the SCSI bus.   A voltage regulator has the ability to actively maintain a constant amount of impedance regardless of fluct regardless of fluctuations in the power supplied to it.  (Active termination is for use with Fast SCSI-2 bus up to Ultra160 SCSI.)
Passive Termination:  Uses resistor packs to control the resistance at the ends of the SCSI bus.  Passive Termination relies on the interface card (SCSI Adapter) to provide consistent power for "Termination of the SCSI Bus".  (Passive termination was used more commonly for SCSI-1 or SCSI-2.)
After upgrading/setting up a new barebone system.  I have conflicts with device drivers in my operating system.
Avoid moving your hard drive from your old system to the new one, because hardware/resource differences can cause device conflicts.  If you move a hard drive with a operating system (i.e. Windows 9x) or replace the motherboard, you may need to reload the operating system to ensure that the system will operate normally with no conflicts.
Can not install the slimline USB "BEx Drive CD-10USB-S" CDx Drive CD-10USB-S" CD-ROM drive.
Please note that USB is not supported by DOS or Windows NT.  For Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.
Is there a difference with Classic Slot A and ThunderBird Slot A CPU's?
Yes, one easy way to tell the difference is that Classic Slot A CPU will have a black backing and a ThunderBird processor will have a silver colored back.  The part number will also begin different, the Classic Slot A will begin with "AMD-K7..." and the ThunderBird Slot A begins with "AMD-A...".
If you are having problems with installing a ThunderBird CPU you may want to check with your motherboard maker to check compatibility, conflicts, and any upgrades that may be nessary.

Can not get my Alton, ECS, or PC-CHIPS board to POST.  Power will not pass through the motherboard, and fans will not turn on.
The CMOS jumper is set to CLEAR by factory default on this motherboards.  The system  will not POST with the CMOS set to clear, change the jumper to "Normal" operation.

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