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CD Magician - CD/DVD Repairer/Cleaner

CD Magician - CD/DVD Repairer/Cleaner

Product Overview
  • The 2-1 Professional Auto-Portable CD/DVD Repairer/Cleaner.
  • Device for Multimedia, Games, Audio CD, VCD, DVD Movie Discs and CD-R/ CD-RW Discs.
  • We all have Discs that have been scratched and are not working properly. This kit can help you restore them and listen once again to your favorite music or watch your favorite movie.

    CD Magician - CD/DVD Repairer/Cleaner

    • Restores music performance impaired by contaminated disc surfaces.
    • The only cleaner with separate wet and dry cleaning/repair unit.
    • Cleaning process takes only 25 seconds to complete.
    • Requires AAA batteries.
    • Condition: Brand New.
    • Warranty: 90 days.

    Note: Batteries and AC Adapter are not included.

    CD Magician - CD/DVD Repairer/Cleaner
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    Battery Pack: 8 AAA batteries for $5. Yes that is correct. It is less than half the price you pay in stores.
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