4 Fake Dummy Dome Surveillance Security Camera with LED Sensor Light

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Brand : Interloper
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4 Pack Fake Dummy Dome Surveillance Security Cameras with LED Sensor Light

Fake Security Cameras

Non-Functioning Security Cameras - Mini Dome Style CCTV Cameras with flashing LED

This is a low-cost effective fake camera for people seeking a real-looking dummy CCTV camera. Dummy cameras are great for improving security effectiveness as a simple decoy / deterrent. This inexpensive camera has a high resemblance to real cameras. Install at your home, business, hotel, parking lot, library, office, plant, community, storage and so on to deter crimes.

Design: Made of high quality and durable material. Compact design and easy to install. Looks like a real security camera.

Installation: Installs quickly and easily to the ceiling or wall using the included screws. No wiring is required. 2 AA batteries required for the blinking LED (Batteries NOT included).

Environment: Protect your homes, shops and businesses. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Mix dummy and real cameras to increase your security at a fraction of the cost of real cameras.

Package Includes: 4 x Dummy Dome Cameras (Black), 8 x Screws.

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