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Featured Products

Interloper  RM-10B
4U rackmount case with 10 drive bays. 10 x external 5.25" drive bays, ATX or micro ATX compatible. Great for rackmount storage servers.
Condition: New     Price:$285.00
Interloper  SC10
Basic computer for DOS, Windows 95/98 applications with serial port
Condition: Refurbished     Price:$450.00
Interloper  SC3
computer with 3 ISA slots, CPU + RAM. 4PCI and 1 AGP slot. 233 MHz CPU. 128MB memory, 40GB hard drive, floppy drive, CD-ROM drive. Basic video card. Ideal for those looking for a DOS, Windows 95 or Windows 98 system with ISA slots.
Condition: Refurbished     Price:$700.00
Interloper  Kit # 20
P4 ISA motherboard CPU RAM Combo 2.8GHz CPU, 1GB DDR RAM. 3 ISA slots + 2 PCI, 1 AGP. On-board audio, video and LAN. CPU + Motherboard + Memory computer upgrade kit with 3 ISA slots.
Condition: New     Price:$0.00
Interloper  SC1
Computer with 1 ISA slot, Celeron 800MHz CPU, 256MB memory, 40 GB hard drive, floppy drive, CD-ROM drive, serial port, audio, video and LAN.
Condition: Refurbished     Price:$450.00
Interloper  SC4
Pentium 4 ISA computer with 3 ISA slots. P4 2.8GHz CPU, 1GB Memory, 80GB hard drive, audio, video and LAN.
Condition: New     Price:$1,460.00
Interloper  SC9
High end industrial computer with 14 ISA slots. Pentium 4 3.0 GHZ CPU, 2GB memory, 500 GB hard drive. 4U rackmount computer system with 14 isa slots,
Condition: New     Price:$1,850.00
Generic  10 to 14 bay external drive case
with dual redundant power supplies for hard drives or optical drives. Model BEX CD-14B
Condition: New     Price:$400.00
Corsair  VS1GB667D2
1GB DDR2 240 pin desktop memory
Condition: Refurbished     Price:$1.50
Interloper  SC16
High End Intel Quad Core Computer with 2 ISA slots, 500GB hard drive, 8GB memory, Dual Gigabit Ethernet.
Condition: New     Price:$1,673.00
Generic  Anti-Static Wrist Strap +Motherboard Case Screw Kit
PC Technician's helper kit. Screw nuts and standoffs + anti static wrist band
Condition: New     Price:$5.21
Dell  Latitude CPi D233ST
Refurbished laptop with Windows 98, serial port, Floppy drive, 6GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive, 128MB RAM and AC Adapter
Condition: Refurbished     Price:$334.00

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