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Image  Make/Model  Description  Part #   Price 
    Gamesurround A-4620 PCI Sound Card 4-CH.6- CH A-4620 32 bit PCI Crystal 4620 Full duplex playback and recording. Bulit in 16 bit CODEC. IBM PC Joystick/game port (dual channnels.
Condition: New- Retail Box.   Warranty: 1 year.

  AD1815JS ISA Sound Card with AD1815JS Chipset
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

    CX4235-XQ3EP ISA Sound Card with Crystal Semiconductors CX4235-XQ3EP Chipset
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

Trident TGUI9440 2MB PCI video card with Trident 9440 chipset. Trident TGUI9440 video card.
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

Diamond Fire GL 1000 Pro AGP 2x 8MB SDRAM Trident 9880 chipset. Blade 3D
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

S3 STB Powergraph 32 PCI. 1MB. S3 Trio 32 chipset.
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

  BTC 1670 MPEG Playback Card If you have a video card and you want to send MPEG movie output to a TV or VCR without throwing away your existing card, you can use this ISA add on card. This will take the movie output from your current video card and convert it so you can view it on TV.
Condition: New- Retail Box.   Warranty: 90 days.

ATI 109-51800-01 Rage128 Pro 2X AGP 16MB Video Card
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

  EPoX P55-KV Socket 7 Baby AT motherboard 2 PCI, 3 ISA slots 2 SIMM sockets. Motherboard only. No manuals, cables or drivers.
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

  BCM SQ574 Socket 7 Baby AT motherboard with 4 PCI, 3 ISA slots Supports both DIMMS & SIMMS Max CPU support - Pentium 233. Motherboard only. No manuals, cables or drivers.
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

  Intel LT430TX Socket 7 ATX motherboard with 3 ISA slots. Supports Pentium 90~233. 2 168 Pin DIMM Slots, 4 PCI, 3 ISA. Motherboard only. No manuals, cables or drivers.
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

Asus P4B-M Socket 478 Micro ATX motherboard with 3 PCI, 1 AGP, 1 CNR and 3 DIMM sockets. On-Board audio. Motherboard only. No manuals, cables or drivers.
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

    SAMBA 845GV P4 motherboard Intel 845GV chipset, on-board audio, video, LAN, firewire, SPDIF and PCMCIA. SLOTX. Comes with Samba 1845GL riser card and driver CD. SAMBA845GV-L motherboard.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  ATI 109-63200-00 32MB AGP with TV out. 109-63200-00
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

ATI 109-73100-02 Rage 128 PRO Ultra GL 4x AGP 16MB Low Profile
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

Asus P5RD1-VM Socket 775 Motherboard with Integrated Audio, Video, LAN, USB, 2 PCI, SATA, DDR400 SDRAM support.
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

  EPoX P55-SA Socket 7 AT Motherboard with 3 PCI, 3 ISA slots 72-pin SIMM Integrated Video, Audio, AT form factor.
Condition: New- Retail Box.   Warranty: 90 days.

  Asus PR-DLS/U320 Dual Xeon Socket 604 motherboard. ServerWorks chipset. Supports up to two 3.06GHz Xeon processors and 12GB registered DDR200 Memory. SCSI controller, RAGE-XL VGA, PCI-X slot, 4 PCI slots, dual LAN, Gigabit LAN, great for medium to large organizations. EATX form factor (12 in x 13in). Asus PR-DLS/U32D dual xeon motherboard.
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

  AOpen AX6F Slot 1 motherboard with 3 isa slots, 5 PCI and 4 SIMM slots. ATX.
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

Tyan S3098G2N Socket 478 for Intel Pentium 4-M,Celeron D, Intel P4 Northwood and Prescott, Intel 845GV, 2 DDR, 2 PCI, VIDEO, USB, LAN, IDE Support.
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

Tyan S5350-D-1UR-RS Dual 604 Socket for Intel Xeon, Intel E7320, 8 DDR DIMM, IDE, SATA, RAID, VIDEO, LAN, USB, 1 PCI-X, 1 SO-DIMM Support. Form Factor extended atx.
Condition: New- Retail Box.   Warranty: 90 days.

  BCM IN5598 Pentium motherboard with 2 ISA slots, 3 PCI Micro ATX with on-board audio video. SIS 5598 Chipset, 4 72-pin Simm Sockets upto 256MB, IDE supports UDMA 33. Motherboard only. No cables, drivers, or manuals.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 30 days.

Supermicro X6DVL-EG2 Dual 604 Socket for Intel 64bit Xeon, Intel E7530, 4 DIMM, SATA, IDE, RAID, VIDEO, USB, LAN, 2 PCI Express 4x, 4 PCI Support. ATX form factor.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  BCM SQ585 Socket 7 Baby AT Motherboard 4 ISA slots, 3 PCI, 4 72-pin SIMM Slots for a max of 128MB Memory. SIS 5596 Chipset, No Drivers, manuals, or cables.
Condition: New.   Warranty: 90 days.

  STB GLyder Max2 AGP Graphics card 8MB memory, AGP1X, Permedia 2D Graphics Engine. Refurbished No Drivers, or Manuals.
Condition: Refurbished.   Warranty: 30 days.

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